Saturday, June 30, 2012

All Erotica, All the Time

Well it's official folks! Vivian London is now a full time author, which means you can expect brand new titles every week!

Speaking of which...

Genetic SEXperiment is now on sale!

Ok, this announcement is a wee bit late, but I'm so proud of this little story that I had to blog about it:
When Sadie agrees to be the night-watch for Subject Z-O34, she's not sure what to expect. She's heard of the genetic experiments, that he's a DNA splicing success story, but she's heard other whispers from the other girls in the lab. When she arrives, she learns that the stories are true:

Z-O34, also known as Devon, is hot!

Sadie intends to get to know him better, but Devon's been pretty lonely, locked away for some long. He wants to get to know Sadie better as well, but in a much more intimate way!

Genetic SEXperiment was incredibly fun to write, and the reception has been so good. In fact I've been asked about a sequel... so be on the lookout.

I'll leave you lovelies with a bit of a teaser:

My fingers brushed against the edge of his tentacle. "What do they feel like?" In response he merely pressed it against my hand. Surprisingly, they weren't slimy, like I'd feared. They just felt like skin, warm and smooth, the same dark olive colour of his skin. "Oh," I said to myself, holding it in both of my hands. Were they like extra hands? Or perhaps more sensitive? I ran my fingers over the tentacle, enjoying the way it curled around my fingers, and then my wrist.

I looked up when I heard Devon quietly gasp, his cheeks bright red. "Feels good," he told me, and I smirked at him.

"Does it now?" I slid my hand up the tentacle, feeling it undulate under my palm. "Has anyone ever touched you like this?"

Like it so far? You can buy Genetic SEXperiment by visiting the following links: 
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My erotic short stories will be on sale at Rainbow eBooks and Erotic Escapes in the coming weeks! 

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